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How AI Impacts Financial Institutions

April 04, 2023
WEBINAR 1: AI Governance, Risk & Compliance

Financial institutions that use artificial intelligence must balance the benefits and risks of the technology. This means considering everything from compliance and privacy to data security.

In this session, we'll explore how financial institutions are preparing for such risks and what they're doing to manage them. Our Lead Data Scientist and Assistant Professor at CBS, Björn Preuß, will discuss how to drive a responsible technology strategy. Our CTO, Rasmus Hauch, will present concrete tactics for financial institutions to provide trust assurance in their applied AI.

00:00 Introducing the topic and speakers – Mikael Munck, CEO & Founder 2021.AI
02:56 Why talk about GRC for AI? – Björn Preuß, Head of Data Science 2021.AI
06:46 What makes GRC complex?
10:29 Which AI regulations to expect?
13:35 How do you apply GRC to your models?
18:28 Questions & Answers

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