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Navigating the New Frontier: Biden's AI Executive Order and Its Impact on Enterprises

We invite you to participate in an engaging webinar where we will delve into the nuances of President Biden's recent Executive Order on artificial intelligence and unravel its implications for the technology sector.

We'll be joined by Anik Bose, Managing Partner at BGV, Founder EAIGG (Ethical AI Governance Group) and Yina Moe-Lange, Product Manager at 2021.AI.

This session will offer an analysis of the EO's directives, its prospective effects on businesses employing AI, and strategic insights for those considering AI integration. Whether you're a seasoned AI adopter or at the cusp of your AI journey, gain expert perspectives on how this sweeping policy could reshape the landscape of AI development, usage, and governance in your organization.

00:00 Introduction of speakers
00:50 Presenting agenda
01:24 Presenting 2021.AI
02:27 AI executive order explained
07:22 Introduction of Anik
08:49 What will be the long-term effects of the executive order on AI development?
11:04 There's a big difference between how large and small-medium companies will tackle the principles?
13:26 There will be problems with the usage of open source? There will be limits?
16:36 How do you see the executive order to play a role in the ethical discussion of AI development technology?
21:05 What other impacts will we see on the AI investment space?
25:13 How do you see the US and EU AI regulations to set global standards for privacy data security?
28:35 How should the US approach regulating AI - focusing on model size or application risk - considering the EU's emphasis on high-risk models?
31:03 How do you think people should balance regulation and rapid innovation?
32:58 With US legislation on AI likely delayed, do you foresee American companies incorporating elements of the EU AI act into their solutions, especially with the executive order being voluntary?
36:58 Advice for enterprises on setting up and maintaining strong aI systems, especially in terms of Governance.
39:48 Q&A

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