AI-Powered Customer Service: How to Get Started

June 11, 2024 10:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen

Are you ready to discover AI's potential and perils for excellent customer experience?

Join us for an exploration into how businesses can succeed with AI in customer service. This webinar is designed to equip you with the insights to deliver excellence through AI integration. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • Dive into AI's game-changing impact on customer service and real-world results
  • Learn what steps can be taken to customize your AI solution to the needs of your business
  • Gain insights into the challenges of governing AI and tangible solutions to handle these
  • Walk away with deployable AI tactics to drive your success

 Join us to ensure you're prepared to leverage AI effectively and responsible within your business practices.

Register now. 

Bjarke Arresjov-Hansen

VP Business Development & Partnerships, 2021.AI

Bjarke Arreskov-Hansen, currently serving as the VP of Business Development & Partnerships at 2021.AI. His background in leading large, complex initiatives at Saxo Bank as Head of Business Development, where he oversaw a team driving the development and launch of new financial products and services, positions him uniquely to navigate the challenges of AI governance.

Hana Rizvic

Head of AI/ML, Intellias

Hana Rizvić is an experienced data scientist and AI/ML leader who has held leadership roles in industries like oil & gas, energy, insurance, and healthcare. She has been instrumental in the launch of IntelliKit 2.0 at CES 2024 through a partnership with BlackBerry.

Eugene Berko

Head of Technology Practices

Eugene Berko is the Head of Technology Practices at Intellias with over 12 years of experience in software engineering, management, and consulting. He has worked with large enterprises across diverse sectors, including finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and oil & gas. Eugene is an expert in data and analytics, cloud computing, and MLOps.